55th Colombo Camporee 2020

Welcome to the First Ever Virtual Camporee

Objectives of the Camporee

1To uphold the richest tradition of Colombo Scouting, the Annual Colombo Camporee, even during this challenging year.

2To present the Colombo Scouts with a unique virtual non-formal educational experience, relevant to the modern times and the current context.

3To help grow the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural personality development areas of Colombo Scouts resulting in the development of self-fulfilled active citizens.

4To reinvent the way, we do Scouting to match the modern times and the current pandemic situation by hosting the first-ever fully virtual district or national level Scout Camp in Si Lanka.


Wednesday, 23rd December
Tuesday, 29th December 2020

7 days were selected so that the Scouts who are not able to attend the activities of the Camporee on a particular day due to technical, cultural, family or personal reasons can still complete the minimum requirements to be qualified as an Active Participant by participating on the rest of the days. This period covers the year-end corporate holidays and the long weekend which would give Scouts the accessibility to their parent’s connectivity devices such as laptops, tabs, mobiles, etc. to take part in the Virtual Camporee.

Digital Platforms

Camporee Theme, Colors and Logo


This year’s Camporee theme ‘Path to Reinvention’ depicts the context in which we host the 55th Colombo Camporee, which is during a period of rapid change and reinvention in the world as a whole, our personal lifestyles and Scouting. We expect this year’s Camporee to be the start of the path to reinvention of Scouting in Colombo.

The Camporee logo depicts the above theme and is designed using the Camporee colors which are Blue and Gold, that are used in the Colombo Scouts logo as well.

Camporee Mascot

‘CAMBOT’ – Our Camporee Mascot depicts the fully virtual nature of the 55th Colombo Camporee. Await an opportunity to chat with CAMBOT in the lead up to the Camporee!


Camporee Brand Ambassador

We are honored to introduce our Brand Ambassador, Cub Scout Mohamed Farzan Mohamed Ammar of 11th Colombo Scout Group who is one of the 10 students that scored 200/200 in the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam 2020. We are all proud of him!

Camporee Song

This Camporee Song was launched at the 46th Colombo Camporee 2009 organized by Mrs. Wathsala Wijewickrama.

Sub Camps

Gold Sponsors

Event Partners

Knowledege Partners

Technology Partner

Videography Partner

Participants with Restricted Access

We encourage all Scouts in Colombo to participate in the Camporee, therefore any Scout who has restrictions in terms of device accessibility who has already registered for the Camporee can contact his / her respective sub camp chiefs for further information.